Born in Italy in 1973, wildlife biologist, writer and photographer, Alessandra first came to Africa in 1995 to explore Botswana and Namibia. In 2000, following her graduation from the University of Milan in Wildlife Biology, Alessandra moved to Saadani Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania, where she was involved in a mammal monitoring project. Due in part to her work, Saadani has now been upgraded to a National Park and in 2001 she was offered a chance to setup a lion project in Tarangire National Park. For over 5 years, Alessandra has concentrated her efforts on lion ­ human interactions in, and around Tarangire National Park. Supporting the Tarangire Lion Project herself by working as a ski instructor in Italy during the winter, her dedication to these unique animals has made a huge contribution to what is known about lions in the Tarangire ecosystem. One of her major goals was implementing the radio-tracking program which has allowed conservation workers and National Park staff to fully understand Lion movements in the Tarangire ecosystem. After setting up a snow leopard project in the Himalayas with the Universitą degli Studi di Siena and spending two years in Mozambique for the creation of a new protected area, she has been involved in monitoring projects in Tanzania and other african countries. Whilst she works for the main Italian magazines and TV programs she continues to be involved in conservation, sharing her passion for Africa. With increasing pressure on land and habitat depletion throughout Africa and across the world she is focusing on projects that help communities understand that well-planned habitat conservation can improve their livelihoods, mitigates climate change, protects wildlife and enables economic development to proceed in a sustainable manner. Alessandra is the Italian Representative for Peace Parks Foundation and Ambassador of Carbon Tanzania.


2006 Ritratti di animali - LP (Cortina d'Ampezzo)

Africa - Castello di Tagliolo (Tagliolo Monferrato)

2007 A piedi nudi - Atellani (Milano)

2008 A piedi nudi - Fondazione Mazzotta (Milano)
- Teatro Barrios (Milano)
- Mondadori (Crema)
- Aemilia Hotel (Bologna)

2009 La mia Africa :immagini e parole - PivArte (Bologna)

2010 La sua Africa - Nextam Partners (Milano)

2008 Sfumature di verde - Museo di Milano (Milano)

Scatti per bene - Sotheby's (Milano)

2007 A piedi nudi (Ed. Pendragon)

2008 Un giorno da leoni (Ed. Piemme)

2014 Questa notte parlami dell'Africa (Ed. Piemme)

Her photographs were finalist at the international contest Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2006 and 2007).

In 2008 her novel A piedi nudi won the third place at the literature award Edoardo Kihlgren Opera Prima.

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